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Turkish Defense: 10 PKK / YPG terrorists neutralized in the “Source of Peace” zone

AA / Ankara

Turkish commandos neutralized 10 PKK / YPG terrorists in the area of ​​Operation “Source of Peace” in northeastern Syria.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement released on Sunday that elements of the terrorist organization were preparing to launch an attack on the “Source of Peace” area from its southern regions.

“Our heroes of the commando forces carried out another successful operation south of the Source of Peace area, which resulted in the neutralization of 10 terrorists of the organization”, the same source reads.

On October 9, 2019, the Turkish army, in cooperation with the Syrian National Army, launched Operation Source of Peace east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria to eradicate the presence of PKK / YPG and Daesh terrorists, with a view to setting up a secure zone for the return of Syrian refugees to their country.

On the 17th of the same month, the Turkish army suspended the operation after Ankara and Washington reached an agreement on the withdrawal of terrorists from the region, followed by another with Russia on the 22 of the same month.

* Translated from Arabic by Wejden Jlassi

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