WorldTurkish Coast Guard rescues 174 migrants in the Aegean Sea

Turkish Coast Guard rescues 174 migrants in the Aegean Sea

During Friday, September 3, Turkish Coast Guard forces rescued 174 asylum seekers who were driven by the Greek Coast Guard into Turkish territorial waters in the Aegean Sea.

At least 28 illegal migrants were rescued off the coast of Ayvalik in the northwestern province of Balikesir, who went to sea in a rubber boat. They were taken to the coast guard command post on Kunda Island.

In addition, the Turkish Coast Guard sent boats to the Kusadasi area of ​​Aydin province after it was reported that 83 asylum seekers were stuck at sea in two lifeboats. The discharged refugees were taken to the local migration service office.

The Turkish Coast Guard also rescued four asylum seekers in the Dikili area and 59 people in the Foka area of ​​Izmir province. After scheduled checks, they were taken to the provincial migration authority.

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