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Turkish and US jets will perform NATO air patrols in Poland and Iceland

In her statement on the subject, NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu stated that they thanked NATO allies Turkey and the United States for their contributions to the NATO air policing mission.

“Air policing helps us keep our skies safe around the clock. This is a clear example of alliance solidarity, demonstrating NATO’s ability and determination to protect all its allies,” Lungescu said. used the phrase.

According to the statement made by NATO, 4 Turkish F-16 jets arrived at Malbork airbase in Poland yesterday to work with the Polish Air Force to ensure the security of the airspace. Turkish jets and 80 support personnel will remain in the area until mid-September.

4 US F-15 aircraft landed at Keflavik airbase in Iceland today. American aircraft will be kept ready to protect Iceland’s airspace once approval is received from the NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Germany.

NATO warplanes are on a 24-hour mission across Europe, taking off in case of suspicious and unannounced flights near the airspace of NATO allies.

In 2020, NATO mobilized its air force 400 times across Europe to intercept “unknown” aircraft approaching NATO airspace, mostly from Russia.

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