WorldTurkey's drone and Russian missile system face to face on Ukraine border,...

Turkey’s drone and Russian missile system face to face on Ukraine border, who will win if there is a war?


  • Ukraine deploys Turkish-made drone on Russian border
  • Russia also installed missile defense system to increase security on the border
  • Drones have turned the face of many wars in the world, the sound of war in Europe

Russia’s air defense systems and Turkish drones are at loggerheads amid ongoing tensions along the Ukraine border. Now if a situation like war arises, then both these weapons will show their strength against each other. However, many countries around the world are actively playing a role to prevent a possible war. In fact, Ukraine has deployed the Bayraktar TB2 drone purchased from Turkey on the Russian border. In response, Russia has also erected Pantsir short-range and mobile air defense systems in the border area.

Russia claims – it shot down 40 drones made in Turkey
Russia recently claimed to have shot down 40 Turkish-made Beraktar drones, although it displayed only one as evidence. Francis Fukuyama, a professor of political science at Stanford University and an expert on Russian affairs, has claimed that the transfer of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone to Ukraine could prove to be a game changer.

Turkey’s dangerous Bayraktar TB-2 drone created panic in the world, America and Russia were also shocked
Ukraine is attacking with Turkish drones
Just a month ago, Ukraine attacked Russian-backed rebel groups in Crimea with the help of these drones from Turkey. Ukraine’s military said it destroyed a howitzer with a Turkish-made Bayraktar drone and killed several armed rebels operating in the Donbos area. Ukraine claimed that two of its soldiers were killed in an attack by these rebels’ 122 mm D-30 howitzers. Many Western countries, including Ukraine, America, have been criticizing Russia for supporting these rebels, but Moscow has always denied this claim.

Turkey made missile-like drone, America is fine but why did Russia worry?
Whose weapon is so powerful?
Russia has deployed Pantir short-range and mobile air defense systems to counter Turkish-made drones. The whole world has seen the tremendous power of this missile system in the war of Syria and Libya. Even now the Russian military is largely deploying this missile system in Syria. At the same time, Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 drone has also turned the tide of many wars. The success of the Bayraktar drone in Nagorno-Karabakh, Libya and Syria, and more recently in the Ethiopian Tigre War, made it a topic of discussion.

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America, Russia and Britain troubled by the power of drones
In the past several years, the use of drones in minor regional conflicts has proved its usefulness. Therefore, in today’s era, drones are being seen as the new strategic and effective weapon of the battlefield. Many military officials of the US, Russia and Britain have expressed serious concern about the drones made in Turkey and China. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace made a very strong statement about Turkey’s drones in Syria. He then said that Turkish-made drones are changing the global geopolitical situation.

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Many big buyers of this Turkish drone
Many countries have shown interest in buying this Turkish drone. It also includes Qatar and Ukraine. This drone has been prepared by the biker company, which claims it to be more lethal. Byker started manufacturing auto parts in 1984, later joining the aerospace industry. NATO member Poland said last year that it would buy 24 TB2 drones from Turkey. Turkey claims that many other NATO countries are also in talks to deal with it.