WorldTurkey: Mothers of Diyarbakir determined to continue sit-in

Turkey: Mothers of Diyarbakir determined to continue sit-in

AA / Diyarbakir (Turkey)

The protest sit-in by the “Mothers of Diyarbakir” in south-eastern Turkey in front of the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) continues for its 714th day.

Families have been fighting terrorism since September 3, 2019 to find their children abducted by the HDP and then handed over to the PKK.

Guzide Demir, who joined the movement to save his son Aziz from the clutches of terrorism, has been pursuing the sit-in for two years.

“Let the HDP send its children to the mountains. Why are they sending ours? Let them free our children. I want my son from the HDP,” she said, calling on her son to come to the justice.

Suleyman Aydin, for his part, is fighting for his son Ozkan, who was kidnapped six years ago. Aydin stressed that he will not quit the movement until his son returns.

“We want our children! My son, if you can hear me come back. The HDP and the PKK have deceived you. Surrender to the police,” he said.

* Translated from Turkish by Hilal Serefli Sari

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