WorldTurkey is one of the key trading partners of Moldova

Turkey is one of the key trading partners of Moldova

Turkey plays a key role in the development of the Moldovan economy. Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Nicu Popescu said this at a joint press conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Chisinau.

“Turkey ranks fourth among the main trade partners of Moldova. Over 1,100 Turkish companies operate in our country. This is an indicator that economic cooperation between the two countries is at a very high level. However, we are aiming for more, ”Popescu said.

The minister recalled that the last time he held talks with Cavusoglu was in New York in September.

“During the meeting in Chisinau in a one-on-one format and in an expanded format, they discussed bilateral trade, economy and investments, interdepartmental dialogue and cooperation,” continued the head of Moldovan diplomacy.

He recalled the “Plan of Consultations for 2022-2023 between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and Moldova”, signed immediately before the joint press conference.

According to Popescu, this plan defines the steps to be taken in political dialogue, consular and interdepartmental relations.

Further, the minister noted that the citizens of the two countries make mutual trips with an identity card.

“The goal of diplomacy is to serve citizens. Therefore, our citizens can only travel with identity documents. Of course, Chisinau also attaches great importance to further development, ”continued Popescu.

In this context, the parties agreed to implement agreements on the mutual recognition of driver’s licenses and to reduce roaming charges, the minister added.

The head of the department also noted the mutual desire of Ankara and Chisinau to increase the tourist flow in the summer season.

Popescu also noted the special success of Turkish entrepreneurs in the food sector in Moldova.

“Moldova seeks to deepen economic relations through a bilateral free trade agreement. We would like to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the document, and for this purpose we have drawn up a timetable for intergovernmental negotiations, ”he added.

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