WorldTurkey intends to intensify judicial reform

Turkey intends to intensify judicial reform

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the authorities’ intention to intensify efforts to reform the country’s judicial system.

“In the new judicial year, we will accelerate our efforts to reform the judicial system, which will not only facilitate the work of our judiciary, but also serve the convenience of the population,” the Turkish leader said at the opening ceremony of the new complex of the Supreme Court buildings in Ankara.

According to him, the strategy of the implemented reforms is based on “the ideal of a free individual, a strong society and a more democratic Turkey.”

“We have mobilized to prepare a number of legal reforms, the project will be submitted to parliament in the near future,” he said.

President Erdogan also noted that the Turkish authorities intend to present to the public a draft of a new constitution no later than the first months of 2022.

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