IndiaTurkey got chilli on India's 'special attention' in Glasgow, know what President...

Turkey got chilli on India’s ‘special attention’ in Glasgow, know what President Erdogan said


  • UK urges delegations attending the conference to share hotels
  • Buses were arranged to take the heads of state of different countries to the venue of the conference.
  • UK, India and America were exempted, their leaders reached by car on November 1

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During the Glasgow Climate Conference, when many countries of the world were clearly discussing the challenge facing humanity and the efforts to deal with it, Turkey was playing a different chord. Turkey expressed its opposition to the special treatment given to India by the host UK in the conference. This caused embarrassment for the UK.

With Glasgow not having enough resources to host such a large global event, the UK urged delegations attending the conference to share hotels. Similarly, buses were organized to take the heads of government to the conference venue. However, the three country hosts, the US and India, were exceptions to this. Members of the delegation from these countries were allowed to stay in hotels which they had specially booked for themselves. While their leaders – Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Narendra Modi – arrived at the venue with a convoy of cars on November 1.

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According to sources, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his displeasure over the discrimination in the protocol in this way. The Turkish President raised the question that what should be considered as privileged behavior of India? Sources said the Turkish leader abstained from proceedings as a protest, which could further aggravate the already tense bilateral equations.

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However, officials justified the disparity saying it was an acknowledgment of the efforts that India has made in the recent climate crisis. India has launched International Solar Alliance. In the COP-26 summit held in Glasgow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had put forward a new word LIFE i.e. Lifestyle for Environment regarding Net Zero Emission. PM Modi promised net zero emission on behalf of the country by the year 2070. The US joined the group during the Glasgow Conference.

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