WorldTurkey expresses condolences to Lebanon over loss of life in tanker explosion

Turkey expresses condolences to Lebanon over loss of life in tanker explosion

The Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed condolences to Lebanon in connection with the death of dozens of people as a result of the explosion of a tanker in the north of the country.

“We deeply regret the reports of 22 deaths and many injuries as a result of a tanker explosion in the Akkar region in northern Lebanon,” the diplomatic mission said.

The ministry expressed condolences to the families of the victims, the friendly and fraternal Lebanese people, and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

The explosion of a tanker in northern Lebanon killed at least 20 people and injured 7, the Lebanese Red Cross Society previously reported on Twitter.

The incident took place in the Akkar region of northern Lebanon, 22 groups of the Lebanese Red Cross are making efforts to transport the dead and wounded to nearby hospitals, the report said.

Local media reported that an explosion occurred off the coast of the At-Talil settlement in the Akkar region.

Fuel crisis in Lebanon

Lebanon is facing its biggest economic crisis in 30 years. The state through the Central Bank subsidized about 12 million liters of fuel consumed daily.

However, the other day, the country’s central bank issued a written statement, which says that from August 12, foreign currency loans provided for fuel will be calculated at the free exchange rate (black market), and not at the market rate. Thus, the fuel subsidy was canceled.

The message also noted that the price of fuel, which will be put up for sale, will be determined by the Ministry of Energy.

Despite lifting the subsidy, the Department of Energy kept tariffs unchanged, after which almost all gas stations in the country turned off their pumps.

The Lebanese army yesterday raided gas stations and confiscated tens of thousands of liters of gasoline and diesel fuel.

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