WorldTurkey could be one of Germany's green hydrogen suppliers

Turkey could be one of Germany’s green hydrogen suppliers

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Slevogt said that they closely follow the developments regarding the national hydrogen strategy that Turkey plans to create this year.

Pointing out that Turkey has advantageous alternatives in terms of electricity production costs and safe alternatives in the case of hydrogen transport, Slevogt said:

“Germany plans to bring hydrogen produced from clean sources from abroad in accordance with its national hydrogen strategy published last year. Turkey is among the potential suppliers. Other countries that can contribute to the supply of hydrogen are Norway, Iceland, Australia and Chile. We have a stable energy cooperation with Turkey since 2012. As AHK, we will give the same support to Turkey in green hydrogen as we support the players in the energy sector.”

Companies with a high carbon footprint will lose their economic appeal

Slevogt pointed out that there has been a serious struggle in areas such as climate change and global warming recently, and said, “This situation, together with increasing global environmental awareness, paved the way for companies’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in their products. For this reason, electricity should be met from clean and sustainable sources, and resources should be used efficiently. It has become even more important. We think that more research studies will be carried out in these areas.” used the phrases.

Stating that companies with a high carbon footprint in production technologies will lose their economic attractiveness in the long run, Slevogt stated that climate-friendly production technologies are already on the market at full capacity and there will be no stepping back from this transformation.

Emphasizing that the green transformation will depend on technoeconomic or sociopolitical developments, Slevogt said, “In this sense, a decision like the European Green Deal may lead to a rapid increase in Turkey’s renewable capacity. Because Turkey exports more than 50 percent of its exports to the European region. At this point, Turkish We can predict that the industry will be affected by this change in the coming years and the demand for climate-friendly technologies will increase.” made its assessment.

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