WorldTurkey condemns Greek authorities' decision to close schools for ethnic Turks

Turkey condemns Greek authorities’ decision to close schools for ethnic Turks

Turkey condemns the decision of the Greek authorities to close, under the pretext of austerity measures and a shortage of students, 12 primary schools in Western Thrace, where ethnic Turks live compactly.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that after the latest decision by Athens, the number of schools for ethnic minorities in Greece has more than halved to 103.

Thus, the Greek policy of closing primary schools belonging to ethnic Turks in Western Thrace under the pretext of “temporary suspension” has become systematic, the ministry noted.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that the latest Athens decree concerning schools in Greece reflects the discriminatory attitude of the authorities towards schools for ethnic minorities.

This decision violates the norms of the Lausanne Treaty and is just another manifestation of the policy of assimilation and pressure against the Turks of the Western Faction, pursued by Greece for decades, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Anadolu Agency’s website publishes in a shortened form . .(HAS).

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