WorldTurkey: army receives locally made air defense system

Turkey: army receives locally made air defense system

AA / Ankara

Ismail Demir, President of the Defense Industry of Turkey, announced that the armed forces have received the “HISAR A +” air defense system, with all of its components.

This is what emerges from a tweet on the latest developments regarding locally produced HISAR systems, shared on this Saturday day.

Demir has confirmed the delivery of the HISAR A + system (a missile system for low-altitude air defense) to the Turkish military, and that the HISAR O + system (a medium-altitude defense system) has entered its development phase. mass production.

The systems have 360 ​​degree protection capability, being able to handle and eliminate 6 targets simultaneously.

The range of the HISAR A + system is 15 km, while that of the HISAR O + system, it has an effective radius of 25 km.

HISAR systems are characterized by their ability to operate effectively in various weather conditions against military aircraft, helicopters, air-to-surface missiles, drones and cruise missiles.

The systems are produced by the companies Aselsan and Roketsan with local capacities. As regards the production of warheads, intended for the missiles of this Turkish defense system, it is rather the responsibility of the Defense Industry Research and Development Institute of the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Institution TÜBİTAK SAGE .

* Translated from Arabic by Mounir Bennour.

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