WorldTunisia's biggest union rejects 'President's change of Constitution'

Tunisia’s biggest union rejects ‘President’s change of Constitution’

largest union in the country TGISIn a written statement from SaidWhile criticizing Turkey’s takeover of legislative and executive powers with the Presidential Decree, it was warned that “concentrating all powers in the head of state without fulfilling the conditions regarding the constitutional amendment poses a danger”.

In the statement, “Tunisian Constitutionis a starting point and reference point. It should be replaced by a referendum after a broad dialogue. Changing the Constitution and the election law is an issue that concerns all elements of society, state structures, institutions, parties and civil society.

TGIS stated that Said’s attempt to amend the Constitution was a “threat to democracy and participation” and rejected this step, emphasizing that the only way out of the crisis was “consultation, partnership, collaboration, dialogue” on common national values.

Said took over legislative and executive powers

Tunisian President Said issued new decrees expanding his powers on September 22, after the Assembly suspended its work on July 25 and dismissed the prime minister.

With the new decrees, extraordinary arrangements were made regarding the legislative and executive powers of the President, and the temporary commission that oversaw the constitutionality of the bills was abolished.

The decrees expanding the powers of the President were published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, the President of Tunisia was given the authority to issue “legislative texts” with Presidential decisions after taking the opinion of the Council of Ministers.

Under the decree, the Council of Ministers will no longer be responsible to the Assembly but to the President. The president will appoint the prime minister, determine the cabinet members, the policy and decisions of the government.

The President was also given the authority to submit any Presidential decision to a public vote.

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