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Tunisian President: “Those who call for dialogue are involved in the spoliation of state property”

AA / Tunisia / Alaa Hammoudi

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed said on Monday that “those who call for national dialogue in the country are involved in cases of the spoliation of state property”.

Receiving, Monday, at the Palace of Carthage, Mohamed Rekik, Minister of State Domains and Land Affairs in the government of Najla Bouden, Saïed declared: “Even those who call for said dialogue (he did not name them) are involved in cases of the theft of public property, “according to a video released by the presidency on its Facebook page.

This comes in the context of a serious political crisis in Tunisia since Kaïs Saïed took, on July 25, exceptional measures consisting in dismissing the Head of Government, freezing the powers of Parliament, and lifting immunity. of deputies. The Tunisian head of state had also announced that he assumed full responsibility for the executive power, with the help of a government at the head of which he appointed the academic Najla Bouden.

Several political parties, unions and Tunisian personalities have called for a national dialogue so that the country emerges from the current crisis.

And Saïed questioned himself, lambasting: “How can we dialogue with those who have received bribes and taken over state institutions (?!)”.

“They speak of a national dialogue, and they are the ones who plundered the property of the people. We will pursue them, and justice must play its role to preserve the property of the State”, he continued.

The Tunisian president underlined that the real dialogue will be organized with the people, and not with those who plundered their resources and their goods.

Saïed announced on Friday his intention to launch a national dialogue described as “a new type of referendum, different from its traditional meaning”, which will be “devoted to listening to the proposals of the Tunisian people in all fields”, including the country’s “political and electoral systems”.

Saïed called on the Minister of State Domains and Land Affairs to “recover and preserve state property and allocate it to exploitation in the form of rental for the benefit of unemployed young people,” according to the video footage.

And to conclude: “It is necessary to put an end to all the attempts to plunder the resources of the people, to face the monopoly, to corruption and bribes, and to recover the property of the State, without that no person, party or organization is considered to be exempt from the provisions of the law. “

* Translated from Arabic by Mourad Belhaj

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