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Tunisian NGO says it is surprised by the manu-militari closure of INLUCC premises

AA / Tunis

A Tunisian non-governmental organization expressed its astonishment at the “surprising” decision of the Ministry of the Interior to manually close the premises of the National Authority for the Fight Against Corruption (INLUCC) without explaining the reasons.

This is what emerges from a statement released on Friday by the organization “I Watch” (NGO), of which the Anadolu Agency has obtained a copy.

According to local media, “The minister responsible for managing the Interior Department, Ridha Gharsallaoui, ordered the evacuation of the INLUCC premises earlier on Friday, amid an imposing security system and in the presence of the governor of Tunis, Chedly Bouallegue ”.

The Interior Ministry did not immediately explain the reasons for this decision.

“I Watch” underlined “the importance of protecting files filed with the INLUCC given the sensitive information and personal data they contain (declaration of assets and interests, complaint and reporting of corruption) “.

The anti-corruption NGO estimated that “any attempt to tamper with this data is a crime punishable by law”.

She also stressed the need to take all necessary precautions to protect the identity of whistleblowers who have submitted files to the INLUCC services.

At the end of July, the Tunisian justice had opened an investigation against the former president of the INLUCC, Chawki Tabib, relating to facts of “suspicion of fraud and use of forgery”.

The said body was created in 2011, to succeed the “Commission of Inquiry into Cases of Embezzlement and Corruption” set up immediately after the revolution which overthrew the regime of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

* Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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