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Tunisian judiciary annulled the arrest warrant for 4 deputies from the Honor Coalition in the Parliament

capital city TunisiaPermanent Military Tribunal in Turkey, the Chief Justice of the Honor Coalition, Seyfeddin Mahluf, Abdullatif al-Alawi, Mohammed Affas and Mahir Zeyd, and lawyer Mehdi Zagruba. annulment of the search warrant ruled.

In the court decision, it was stated that other legal procedures against these people were expected to be completed.

airport incident

It was stated that in the incident that took place at Tunis Airport in March, the security guards “arbitrarily” prevented a woman from leaving the country, who did not have a ban on leaving the country and did not have any legal obstacles.

President Seyfeddin Mahluf, Abdullatif al-Alawi, Muhammed Affas and Mahir Zeyd, who were deputies of the Honor Coalition who were at the airport at the time, announced that they were defending the rights of women by intervening in the situation.

Following this dispute at the airport, it turned out that a procedure implemented during the ousted President Zeynelabidin bin Ali’s term, “preventing terrorist suspects from leaving the country” was in effect.

The Tunisian military judiciary issued an arrest warrant regarding the airport incident case for 4 of the Honor Coalition deputies, which had 18 deputies in the Parliament, on 31 July.

Honor Coalition Deputy al-Habib bin Siydhum also announced his arrest decision on social media.

Coalition President Seyfeddin Mahluf, on the other hand, informed that Zagruba is currently in the office of the President of the Bar Association at the Court of First Instance, and noted that the security forces were present at the said venue.

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