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Tunisia: The central trade union welcomes the formation of the new government and calls for dialogue

AA / Tunisia / Alaa Hammoudi

The Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT – the country’s main trade union organization) welcomed on Monday the announcement of the formation of the new government headed by Najla Bouden, calling for not extending the “exceptional period” and for moving quickly to a “national dialogue”.

“The formation of the new government will help fill the government vacuum and restore state institutions that have been inactive for more than two months since the president made the decision to resort to measures of exception, “central union spokesman Sami Tahri told the official press agency (TAP).

He added that “many challenges await in the short term the new government headed by Najla Bouden”, calling for “not to extend the period of exception and to accelerate the return to a state of stability in Tunisia, as well as to put in place the permanent institutions of the state. “

And to continue: “It is too early to judge the current government, and its choices will be put to the test of the real stakes. We must move as quickly as possible towards a national dialogue by fixing its date and its mechanisms, especially by the absence so far of consultations between the Presidency of the Republic and the UGTT and the national organizations. “

Regarding the priorities of the new government, Tahri said that “restoring the balance of public finances, given the high budget deficit and the need for new financial resources, is one of the most important issues that need to be resolved. “

He added that it is “necessary for the new government to develop a contingency plan in the areas of health and education, as they affect people’s lives and their future, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic. “

Likewise, “the social issue must benefit from the attention of the new government, given the high rates of unemployment and poverty, and the decline in purchasing power, which can provoke social tensions and protests”, according to Tahri.

Earlier on Monday, the presidency said in a statement that President Saïed “issued a presidential decree appointing the head of government and its members,” then official television broadcast the performance live. oath of ministers.

* Translated from Arabic by Mourad Belhaj

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