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Tunisia / Qalb Tounes: “We are not aware of the arrest of Nabil Karoui in Algeria”

AA / Tunisia / Adel Thabti

The president of the parliamentary bloc of the Qalb Tounes party (28 MPs / 217), Oussama Khlifi, said the party was not aware of the arrest of its president, Nabil Karoui, in Algeria.

This is what emerges from the statements of MP Khlifi on the private radio “I FM”, Monday, affirming: “To date, we have no knowledge that he (Karoui) is in Algeria”.

Khlifi clarified that Karoui is currently on trial, that he has been released by a court decision, that his travel ban has been lifted and that he is not wanted by Tunisian justice.

He added that the party is awaiting the position of official authorities to rule on the issue.

And to continue: “The current situation in the country is exceptional. Everyone is forbidden to travel, with a few exceptions.”

The Mosaique FM radio (private) revealed on Sunday that: “the Algerian border police arrested the president of Qalb Tounes, Nabil Karoui, and his brother, the deputy Ghazi Karoui, on Sunday afternoon in the Algerian region of Tebessa They were in an apartment in the city center belonging to the brother of a former Algerian deputy.

Tunisian and Algerian authorities did not release any statement regarding Karoui’s arrest until Monday afternoon.

The unsuccessful candidate for the Tunisian presidential election in November 2019 is not at his first setbacks with the justice of his country. He was arrested on August 23 of the same year in Tunisia on charges of “money laundering and tax evasion”.

Following a complaint filed on March 14, 2019 by the NGO “I Watch” to the Tunisian economic and financial judicial pole for “suspicion of money laundering” through companies of which they would be owners in Algeria, Morocco and Luxembourg .

Tunisian justice had decided, in July 2019, to freeze the assets of Nabil and Ghazi Karoui and to impose a ban on them leaving Tunisian territory.

In the midst of the electoral campaign for the legislative and presidential elections of 2019, Nabil Karoui was placed in detention where he had spent more than a month, before being released a few days before the second round of the presidential election.

He was arrested again in December 2020, and remanded in custody, before being released last June.

Party chairman Qalb Tounes had not made any public appearance since July 25, when Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed decided to dismiss head of government Hichem Mechichi, freeze the prerogatives of parliament and lift immunity. members of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ANP – Tunisian Parliament).

* Translated from Arabic by Mourad Belhaj

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