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Tunisia: lawyer Mehdi Zagrouba in sit-in at the office of the Bar Association

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Lawyer Mehdi Zagrouba performs a sit-in at the office of the Bar Association, which is located at the Tunis Court of First Instance, against the background of his involvement in the Tunis-Carthage airport case which occurred on the 15th March 2021.

This is what emerges from a post shared on Facebook on Monday by the president of the al-Karama Coalition, Seifeddine Makhlouf.

Makhlouf said that Mehdi Zagrouba was currently in the office of the president of the bar and that several police officers surrounded the place in order to arrest him.

He added: “We will not recognize the trials of civilians before military courts. We have defended the right of a Tunisian woman to free movement in the absence of any judicial prohibition.” Continuing: “We are not criminals and we will not answer any questions. Execute us but you will not see us humiliated.”

On March 15, Al-Karama Coalition deputies, led by Seifeddine Makhlouf, wreaked havoc at Tunis-Carthage airport when a Tunisian woman was banned from boarding under S17 procedure.

This procedure involves specific border control at the airport on leaving Tunisian territory as well as on entry and is applied, essentially, to control the movements and movements of individuals returning from conflict zones.

On July 29, the Attorney General of the Tunis Court of Appeal ordered the public prosecutor at the Tunis Court of First Instance to open an investigation into the complaint lodged by the Security Union and by the agents of the investigation services within the Tunis-Carthage airport against Seifeddine Makhlouf and against the lawyer Mehdi Zagrouba, in this case.

This series of arrests is part of the exceptional measures announced and undertaken by the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed.

On July 25, the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed had, in fact, activated article 80 of the Constitution, under which he suspended the work of Parliament and lifted the immunity of all deputies for a period of 30 days. Also, he had dismissed the head of government Hichem Méchichi and announced that he was going to appoint a new one.

He also announced that he would temporarily occupy the head of the Executive and that he would preside over the prosecution, in order to “save the country and restore social peace”, according to a speech delivered the same day, on the sidelines. an emergency meeting held with senior security and military officials.

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