WorldTunisia: fruit exports increase by 70% in 2021

Tunisia: fruit exports increase by 70% in 2021

AA / Tunis

Tunisian fruit exports increased by 70% in quantity to exceed 34 thousand tons, from the start of the year until September 28, 2021 compared to the same period of 2020, local media reported.

In value, these exports increased by 44% and generated revenues estimated at 83.1 million dinars (MDT), indicates the website Webmanagercenter citing the Groupement interprofessionnel de fruits (Gifruits).

The Libyan market monopolizes more than 78% of Tunisian fruit exports. These are primarily watermelons (nearly 9,000 tonnes), peaches (7,312 tonnes), apricots (3,060 tonnes) and plums (2,382 tonnes), according to the same source.

Tunisian exports to Libya more than doubled in 2021 (first 9 months of the year), going from 11,800 tonnes at the end of September 2020 to nearly 27,000 tonnes in September 2021. In value, exports increased by 81 %, to exceed 45.2 MTD, specifies the same media.

The Libyan market is followed by Italy and the Arab Emirates.

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