WorldTÜBİTAK is hopeful of young people about environmentally friendly vehicles

TÜBİTAK is hopeful of young people about environmentally friendly vehicles

Regarding the 17th Efficiency Challenge (EC) Electric Vehicle and the 1st High School Electric Vehicle Races, TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal said, “The thing I see most among high school students this year is: ‘We exist.’ This year, we started the competition for high schools, but I believe that next year we will see much more assertive high school students, both with their designs and with the technology they produce.” said.

Mandal told AA correspondent that they started the EC Electric Vehicle Races 17 years ago and they have been doing this with TEKNOFEST for the last 4 years.

Pointing out that in the previous years, they organized the event only with university students, Mandal said that they included high schools in the competition for the first time in line with the demand from the students.

Mandal stated that 65 university and 36 high school teams qualified to participate in the competition, and said:

“I saw the vehicles of our high school students, they can really compete with university students. Technical preparations and checks started to take place as of Tuesday. We have finals today and tomorrow. At the end of tomorrow’s stage, the winner of the competition will be determined. We are not doing a speed race here. The aim here is the most efficient, the most efficient. He used many local parts and aimed to determine the vehicle with a beautiful design.”

Stating that different universities could come together and form a team this year, Mandal said, “We are happy about this this year. It is no longer the team of a single university, but many universities came together and formed their own teams.” he said.

Noting that there are 4 female drivers in the high school group, Mandal said that the number is still insufficient in this regard.

Stressing that they accelerated the work to increase the number, Mandal continued as follows:

“The thing I’ve seen most from high school students this year is: ‘We exist.’ They say. This year we started the competition for high schools, but I believe that next year we will see much more assertive high school young people with both their designs and the technology they produce. Students want to continue this work not only with the education process, but also at the university. The more we pave the way for these young people, the more they can go. “

“We gave 25 thousand lira support to the students”

Stressing that one of the most important components of the vehicle is the tire, Mandal said that universities with relatively higher resources can obtain this even from abroad.

Stating that they supply the tires and belts of all the vehicles in high schools and universities in order to be able to compete under more equal conditions, Mandal said that all of them are domestic production.

Stating that they supported the students with 25 thousand liras within the scope of the competition, Mandal said that they expect the students not only to compete but also to develop, design and find sponsors for technology.

Stating that the issue came to the fore 17 years ago with the message of raising awareness and “We exist too” in alternative energy, Mandal concluded his words as follows:

“When we look at the climatic conditions of our country and the problems such as fires, floods and mucilage, we are aware that we need to carry out our climate-oriented processes correctly. For this reason, everyone is talking about the green agreement and green transformation now. Our youth, our country’s national technology move, will be successful in developing technologies that can compete with the world in the future. Hopefully, by the end of 2022, our national domestic vehicle, TOGG, will be on the agenda much more, but these are our friends who will work in this company in the future and maybe produce the components of the vehicle.”

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