WorldTrying to transfer handmade cane making to future generations

Trying to transfer handmade cane making to future generations

Ali Akçasu, who has been producing Devrek walking sticks in Zonguldak, whose body is made of dogwood, colored with cedar and embroidered with various motifs, is concerned that machine-made and cheaply sold canes are destroying traditional handicrafts.

Having 2 children and 6 grandchildren, 60-year-old Akçasu, who became a master of the hand-made Devrek walking stick, which he started to learn while working as a guard, continues to make canes unique to the district, symbolizing the continuity of rebirth and generations, in his 40 square meter workshop.

Akçasu, who enabled him to become a cane master like himself by passing on what he knew to his son, wants to keep this culture alive by transferring the handicraft workmanship, which has decreased in recent years with the widespread use of machinery, to future generations.

Ali Akçasu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he has been making a cane for nearly 40 years and that he loves his job. “I’m glad I learned this trade.” Akçasu said that in recent years, he has not been able to train apprentices to make canes, that people have been wondering and that it has become difficult to earn money from a cane.

“Every stage requires effort”

Akçasu stated that machines have affected the production of handmade walking sticks and said, “The artistic value of the cane has died because a cane made by hand takes at least 1.5 days, but when you make it with a machine, you finish the cane every 1-2 hours. Then it has nothing to do with it.” said.


Expressing that he was upset by the decrease in interest in handmade cane making, Akçasu said, “In the past, more importance was given to cane making and cane players. Festivals were organized and I used to attend them. I was getting very good reactions from there. I am very happy that I continue to use cane by hand because people like the special work we do. because every stage requires effort.” used the phrase.

Akçasu stated that he made an effort not to forget handcrafted walking stick making, that he also raised his son and taught at the university on cane making. If he directs his children and people to this work, this work of art will continue to live.” he said.

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