IndiaTrying to sabotage the Silverline project; We must stand together for...

Trying to sabotage the Silverline project; We must stand together for success: Pinarayi Vijayan


  • Everyone must stick to the plan
  • The emptiness of those who oppose the plan must be recognized
  • The foundation of future Kerala must be strengthened

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the Silver Line project is a project that will be beneficial not only for the transport sector in Kerala but also for the overall development itself. Many people are trying to sabotage the project by spreading many misleading news. But the reality is that the public recognizes the emptiness of such people, the CM said.

Ours is a history of failed attempts to undermine sustainable and secure development activities conducive to the progress of the country. Let us understand the facts about the Silver Line project and stand together for its success. The Chief Minister also called for efforts to strengthen the foundation of future Kerala.

If the Chief Minister says that K Rail will be implemented without answering the questions, our answer is that it will not be implemented: VD Satheesan
Meanwhile, Mathrubhumi reported that the CPM was planning a door-to-door campaign in connection with the K Rail project. The CPM will campaign as per the decision of the state committee. The CPM will distribute leaflets to all households.

The project does not pass through environmentally sensitive areas. Wetlands and paddy fields will be protected. Important places of worship or places of worship do not have to be demolished for the project. Only 9314 buildings will have to be demolished. The CPM has stated that they will be compensated.

DYFI tries to suck lambs for blood: PK Feroz
Opposition leader VD Satheesan said that the Chief Minister was not yet ready to answer the questions raised by the UDF government after conducting a detailed study on K Rail. He also alleged that the CPM and the Chief Minister were trying to incite communalism instead of giving answers.

The pamphlet distributed by the CPM alleges that the UDF is colluding with the BJP and Jamaat-e-Islami to disrupt the railways. However, based on a study conducted by the UDF, the Leader of the Opposition clarified that the UDF had launched a strike against K-Rail and had not joined hands with anyone to strike.

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