WorldTrying to control the fire in the forest area in Milas

Trying to control the fire in the forest area in Milas

The fire, which broke out in the forest area in the Beyciler District of Muğla’s Milas district, spread in a short time with the effect of the wind. Flames spread to Çökertme, Bozolan, Baslegen and Gökbel neighborhoods.

Gendarmerie teams ensured the evacuation of the neighborhoods. Some citizens were seen trying to save their animals.

The struggle of the teams against the flames in the region continues.

Starting from noon, the fire continues to be effective in Çökertme and Bozalan locations. The flames, which spread rapidly due to the wind that was effective in the region, approached the Ören Türkevleri location. Gendarmerie teams do not allow passage from Ören Mahallesi to the Çökertme route from the Türkevleri location, except for vehicles on duty.

The citizens in the region and the TOMA team also support the fire extinguishing efforts.

Teams are trying to intervene in the flames that spread over a wide area with the effect of the wind in the Upper Mazı and Lower Mazı neighborhoods.


Because the wind changes direction frequently, it is difficult to respond to the fire, making it difficult in heavy smoke. Water is carried to the fire brigades by the sprinklers from different provinces of Turkey and concrete mixers belonging to some construction companies in the district. Local residents also provide water support with tankers.

some houses burned

The teams are working with all their might to prevent the fire from spreading to residential areas.

In Bozalan District, citizens carry water to the region with tankers mounted on the back of their tractors.

It supports firefighting efforts by carrying the water they fill from the sea to the tanks on trucks with juvenile fish tanks belonging to fish farms in the region.

Two helicopters provide support from the air in the region where there are many teams. Citizens in Bozalan District saved their cattle from the fire and brought them to the beach.

While the fire reached the Bozalan and Çökertme neighborhoods, it was stated that some houses were also burned in the neighborhood that was evacuated yesterday.

Explaining that they participated in the firefighting efforts yesterday and they escaped from the flames at the last moment, Ahmet Sıvacı said, “We went to Gökbel with my uncle’s son to support the teams. We knocked down the trees with the help of a digger and turned it around. However, a house burned down there too. When we went to Çökertme in the morning, 4 houses were burned. There are burning places in Bozalan as well. There are burning houses in other neighborhoods as well.” said.

Sıvacı stated that he and his friends and neighbors will continue to wait in the region to support the firefighting teams.

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