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TRNC President Tatar: We discussed with Guterres that there can be an agreement in Cyprus with the cooperation of the two states

Returning to TRNC after completing his New York contacts, President Ersin Tatar held a press conference at Ercan Airport.

Stating that they went to New York upon the invitation of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Tatar said that they followed the UN 76th General Assembly meeting and attended the opening of the Turkevi Building.

Tatar stated that he made evaluations with members of the press from different countries in New York, met with Turkish business people and met with Turkish Cypriots living in the USA.

Reminding that they had a bilateral meeting with the Secretary General on 25 September, Tatar said that they had the opportunity to explain their position on the Cyprus issue (two-state solution).

Stating that an agreement on a federal basis could no longer yield results in Cyprus, Tatar said, “Now we had the opportunity to discuss with Guterres in detail that there could be an agreement in Cyprus with the cooperation of two states living side by side, based on sovereign equality. This was also important.” said.

Reminding that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his speech at the 76th UN General Assembly, announced that he supports the new policy of the Turkish side (a two-state solution on the basis of sovereign equality), Tatar emphasized that this gives them strength.

Noting that they explained the new policy of the Turkish side to all their interlocutors, Tatar said that he will inform the party leaders in the TRNC, the Council of Ministers and the Assembly of the Republic about his contacts in New York.

“I’m in no rush”

President Tatar said, “The Cyprus issue has been going on for half a century, I am in no hurry. I have never said, like previous presidents, ‘I will finish this job in 3 months’. My position is the sovereignty and state policy put forward by our founding President Rauf Raif Denktaş. ” said.

Stating that he found the Secretary General well-intentioned and knew the Cyprus issue well, Tatar said, “Guterres was the former prime minister of Portugal. At the working dinner yesterday (between Guterres, Tatar and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis), the Secretary General said, ‘I wish Turkey then If we had succeeded in getting it into the European Union, we would have been living in a different world today.’ Anastasiades ‘I wish it had happened because if this had happened the Cyprus issue could have been resolved.’ He said. Turkey is an important actor, the largest country in the region. A policy cannot be developed here without Turkey, ignoring Turkey.” he said.

Noting that it is very important to be able to talk about two-stateness in Cyprus, Tatar stated that they have reached a missed stage in the Cyprus case.

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