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TRNC President Tatar responded to the Greek Cypriots who reacted to the US Archbishop’s participation in the opening of the Turkish House

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) President Ersin Tatar met with Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and representatives of the Turkish community at the new Turkish House in New York.

In his speech here, President Tatar said that he came to New York to attend the opening of the Türkevi upon the invitation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Stating that he was extremely proud to attend the opening and thanking the Turkish government, Tatar said the following regarding the Greek Cypriots’ reaction to the American Orthodox Church Archbishop Elpidoforos, who attended the opening of the Turkish House:

”After that photo, there was a lot of turmoil on the Greek side. We hit the headlines. How is it that Archbishop, of course, the man was born in Istanbul, his natural right to come here as a citizen was what he should have done, but here’s the other side, the mentality that had the picture of Atatürk removed from the books distributed by Oxford 10 days ago, this time the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. They fired the man to see how he could be in the same square and there was a lot of turmoil on the Greek side.” He said.

Stating that they trust Turkey and the motherland, that Turkey is getting stronger day by day and Türkevi is an example of this, Tatar also thanked the Turkish diplomats who struggled for Cyprus with all their might in various capitals of the world.

Tatar said:

“This is a joint case, this is a joint case. Turkey has always been on the side of the Turkish Cypriots. It will be so in the future, because the security of Turkish Cypriots depends on Turkey’s presence there. The security of the Republic of Turkey also depends on raising the position and therefore the status of a stronger TRNC in the Eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, this is our common values, our national interests, our national cause.

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