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Tripoli calls for the elimination of the fragmentation of the Central Bank of Libya

Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dibeybe announced the need to unite the country’s Central Bank. Two financial structures under this name operate independently of each other in the west and east of the country, which is unacceptable.

The Libyan Prime Minister said this in Tripoli at the ceremony of adopting the financial report on the audit of the accounts of the Central Bank of Libya, prepared by the International Audit Council under the auspices of the United Nations.

Along with Dibeybe, the ceremony was attended by the head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed al-Menfi, the chairman of the Central Bank, Syddyk al-Kebir, and the UN Special Representative in Libya, Jan Kubish.

According to the prime minister, the main goal of the Libyan government is to unite state institutions functioning separately in the western and eastern regions of the country.

“The government has been successful in bringing together many of the administrative institutions. Today we are faced with an urgent need to unite the Central Bank of Libya under a single authority in order to regulate financial flows, approve state debts, ”Dibeybe said.

According to him, the audit report prepared by the international council is an important document as it affects the life of the entire Libyan people.

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