India'Treatment' to doctor for prosperity, young woman goes 45 pawans; Police...

‘Treatment’ to doctor for prosperity, young woman goes 45 pawans; Police search for Ustad


  • Incident Kozhikode
  • Three accused are absconding
  • Police say the culprits can be caught

Kozhikode: A complaint has been lodged that a woman doctor was robbed of gold by performing witchcraft treatment in the name of prosperity. According to the complaint, the woman lost about 45 pawans of gold. Police have registered a case against the teacher who treated the girl and are looking for him.

However, Asianet News reports that the complainants do not know the full details of the accused who drowned in the scam and this is hampering the investigation. Koya Ustad from Malappuram treated the young doctor and his family from Farook, Kozhikode in the name of prosperity. He was accompanied by two assistants. The investigation focused on the mobile phone provided by the cheated doctor. It is suspected that the accused went into hiding in the wake of the police investigation. But police are hoping to nab the three accused soon.

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It is reported that they were introduced to the teacher by a person who used to visit the doctor’s clinic regularly. He persuaded the doctor and his family to practice witchcraft in order to gain wealth and prosperity. The doctor said he did not believe in witchcraft and later gave in to the temptation. But the doctor withdrew when he was told that witchcraft needed gold. He told her not to hand over the gold to trust the doctor.

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According to the report, each packet of gold jewelery was kept on the shelves of the treatment center in the name of each member of the family as directed by the Ustad. Then from time to time the Ustad would come and recite the mantra and blow on the gold. The condition between the accused and his family was that the gold could be recovered after one month. But after this time, the information about the loss of gold was known only when the shelves were inspected. Family members tried to contact the witch but could not. With this, the doctor approached the police with a complaint.

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