Trainman applied emergency brake to save a person's life, video went viral...

Trainman applied emergency brake to save a person’s life, video went viral on internet

There is always some video going viral on social media. Through these videos (Viral Videos on Trending), we get to know what is going on in the internet world. There are many videos, which people are very positive after watching, while there are some such videos, after watching which people are unable to control their laughter. There are some videos which are emotional. Recently, a video has become very viral on social media. It can be seen in the viral video that with the help of a railway employee, one person’s life has been saved.

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In the viral video, a man can be seen lying on the train track. Then suddenly the train is coming. When the trainman caught sight of the person, he hurriedly applied the emergency brake of the train. The man’s life was saved after the emergency brake was applied. The video of this incident is going viral on social media.

Indian Railways has shared this video on its Facebook account, which is becoming quite viral. Indian Railways has also put a caption with it. In the caption he wrote- Commendable work done by the motorman: At Mumbai’s Sewri station, the motorman saw a person lying on the track, he saved the person’s life by applying emergency brake with promptness and understanding. Your life is precious, someone is waiting for you at home.

More than 2 lakh people have seen this video while hundreds of people have commented. One person’s life has been saved due to the wisdom of Tranman.