WorldTrabzonspor's first pursuit with Abdullah Avci

Trabzonspor’s first pursuit with Abdullah Avci

Leader with 19 points at the weekend in the Super League Fenerbahce second place with 18 points Trabzonspor The encounter between the two will be the scene of a leadership struggle.

Trabzonspor, Abdullah Avci’While he showed a successful performance in general during the time he was in office, he could not achieve this against the big three.

Under the management of Abdullah Avcı, who took office in the 8th week of the league last season, the burgundy-blue people played 5 matches against the aforementioned opponents.

The Black Sea team could not show the graph they wanted by getting 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses in these matches.

While the burgundy-blue team won their only victory in the matches played last season with a 2-1 away result in Beşiktaş, they lost 1-0 to Fenerbahçe at home, 2-0 to Galatasaray, and drew 1-1 with the yellow-red team on the road.

Trabzonspor, this season, played against three big rivals in the first match against Galatasaray, and left the field 2-2 in their own home.

No field win

Trabzonspor, under the management of Abdullah Avci, could not win any big match in the field.

The Black Sea team lost both games with Avcı at home, losing 2-0 to Galatasaray and 1-0 to Fenerbahçe.

Trabzonspor suffered 2 defeats out of 3 out of 40 matches played under the management of Abdullah Avcı against these rivals.

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