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Tourists from all over the world continue to flock to Pamukkale in the fall

The popular tourist area of ​​Turkey, Pamukkale in the southwestern province of Denizli, remains a favorite vacation destination in the fall.

Thanks to the unique natural landscape, ancient history and thermal springs, Pamukkale, which is also called the “white paradise”, attracts the attention of residents and visitors of Turkey all year round.

Pamukkale is translated from Turkish as “cotton castle”, as the snow-white mountain looks like a cotton field.

This area of ​​Turkey is included in the UNESCO heritage lists.

With the normalization of the epidemiological situation in Turkey, the flow of tourists to the region began to gain momentum.

In January-October this year, the number of tourists in Pamukkale exceeded 1 million people. This was the goal of the tourism sector at the end of the year.

Pamukkale is famous for its travertine cascades, terraces and pools, as well as underground cities.

Tourists spend their time strolling along the white travertine terraces, bathing in thermal springs, including the famous Cleopatra pool, traveling in hot air balloons and doing parachute jumps.

The water temperature in the ancient Cleopatra basin, both in winter and in summer, does not drop below 36 degrees.

Cleopatra’s pool is a warm thermal spring in which, according to legend, the Egyptian queen herself bathed.

The reservoir was formed in 692 BC. Strong earthquakes set tectonic plates in motion. Cracks formed at the sites of rock displacements and faults, through which geyser waters made their way to the surface. The antique pool was formed naturally as a result of the collapse of the columns and the accumulation of thermal water.

Immersion gives a feeling of tranquility, while the rich mineral composition nourishes, heals and rejuvenates the entire body. The water is so transparent that at the bottom you can easily see stone columns and blocks, fragments of buildings from the times of the Roman Empire.

Swimming in the pool makes an unforgettable experience for local and foreign tourists.

Thrill seekers visit Pamukkale to paraglide from Dynamite Hill near the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Paragliding over travertines is an amazing and unforgettable journey.

Hot air ballooning is also organized in Pamukkale. Tourists get the opportunity to meet the sunrise at an altitude of 1,500 meters.

The head of the Denizli Hoteliers and Tour Operators Association (DENTUROD), Gazi Murat Shen, told Anadolu that interest in Pamukkale has been growing lately.

According to him, the number of tourists in Pamukkale has almost doubled compared to 2020.

“Recently, guests have been arriving from Indonesia and South Korea. Tours are also booked from Japan. Now we are waiting for the lifting of travel restrictions from China. Thus, we intend to achieve exceeding the indicators of 2019, ”he said.

It is also planned to organize night lighting of travertines in the future, which will attract more tourists, Shen said.

“We expect that those who once visited Pamukkale will want to come back here,” he added.

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