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Tour de France: The spectator who brought down the cyclists will be presented before the judge

AA / Paris

The spectator, who was arrested for causing the fall of about fifty cyclists by waving a sign by the roadside on the Tour de France, explained, Friday, to the prosecutor in Brest, after the end of her jail.

The accident, which took place on Saturday June 26 during the first stage of the tour, was caused by this spectator who aimed to make a gesture to her grandparents by holding up a large sign reading “Go Opi and Omi “which means” Go Grandpa and Mami “.

The Brest public prosecutor, Camille Miansoni, said at a press conference that the individual in question will appear before the judge at the Brest criminal court on October 14.

In addition, Miansoni also indicated that the owner of the sign felt ashamed and worried about the consequences of her act.

In addition, the tour organizers have withdrawn their complaint because of the case which takes on another dimension.

The 108th Tour de France, which takes place this year, will end on Sunday July 18 in the capital Paris, after 21 stages.

* Translated from Turkish by Hilal Serefli Sari

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