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Touched by the poem Manh Quynh saw off Phi Nhung because there were no more tears

For nearly 20 years, the duet Manh Quynh – Phi Nhung has left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience with many immortal songs. In early 2021, the couple had the opportunity to meet Vietnamese audiences in a concert with singer Nhu Quynh. Unexpectedly, it became one of the last times the well-matched duo stood together on stage.
The departure of the voice Falling in love with the daughter of Ben Tre September 28, 2021 left a lot of grief in the hearts of the audience and colleagues. As a confidant and also a “stage lover” of Phi Nhung, Manh Quynh could not hide her grief.

Manh Quynh and Phi Nhung are a good duet

Currently, singer Manh Quynh is still in the US. He could only say goodbye to his soulmate from afar. During the days Phi Nhung was hospitalized for Covid-19 treatment, Manh Quynh often called on the audience to pray for her friend to get over the accident. Singer Huong Thuy once revealed on her personal page that Manh Quynh was extremely depressed from the moment she heard that Phi Nhung was getting worse. The male singer was not even in the mood to perform and decided to wait for his colleague to recover to reunite on stage. He also asked to make sure not to sing with any other female singers to wait for Phi Nhung to return.

On the morning of October 1, 2021 (Vietnam time), Manh Quynh had emotional sharing lines about her soul mate. For details, please watch the video.


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