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Tormenta circuit by Riot Games, the new edition of the competition that uncovers Esports talent

On March 18, the new Tormenta circuit was launched, an amateur competition designed for all fans of Riot Games and League of Legends, Valorant, Wild Rift And Teamfight Tactics. The competition will allow non-professional players to compete in a competitive environment open to all, experiencing firsthand a pro-player experience. Furthermore, for games that already enjoy a mature ecosystem and competitions at a professional level in our territory, the Tormenta Circuit can represent a real path of growth and access to a professional career. We spoke with Carlo Barone, Supervisor, Brand Management Italy of Riot Games, a few days after the start of this new edition. “The Tormenta circuit was born from a format created in Spain in 2018and started with League of Legends which at the time was the only game of Riot “, explains Barone to Adnkronos.” The circuit was born from the need to create a sort of path for all players to grow, guaranteeing healthy and inclusive competition. In 2021 we brought it to Italy with the desire to also create a forge of new talents among the players, who maybe come together for fun but then can take a next step to compete more regularly. Tormenta is a tool in this sense, it can be faced only for fun or even to make competitive gaming a profession“.

“Last year we had a very good response, especially regarding League of Legends of course,” continues Barone. “We have reached about 6,000 players divided into 300 teams between LoL, Valorant And Wild Rifts. We decided to start immediately with more games just to build a base for our new products, and this choice immediately gave us great satisfaction. The response was very strong, so much so that already this year we see that the participating organizations are much more structured. Although League of Legends is our most famous game, Valorant it is also enjoying great success in Italyeven if we lack all the legacy of Counter-Strike GO which in Italy has never been as big as abroad. The players of Counter-Strike they poured on Valorant a bit everywhere, but here it was necessary to compose the community almost from scratch, and if this was a disadvantage from one point of view, from another we could start from scratch and leave some limits behind us with a truly exceptional response to the game also in Italy “.

Already with the first edition, the Tormenta circuit proved to be a hotbed of new Esports talents. “The circuit is a format that encompasses a series of events, which create a ranking that then qualifies for a high-level league. The format is inclusive in the sense that everyone can create an event by receiving Riot’s support,” explains Barone. “Then there are bigger tournaments, and one of them was organized in Lucca in its final phase, and despite the Covid restrictions there has been an incredible response. The two finalist teams, groups of five guys who had no teams at the shoulders, they were quickly recruited and one of the two groups has now joined the Mkers and represents their division

. This story represents exactly what we hope for as the circuit progresses. In Spain, for example, we have seen people who, starting from nothing, found themselves at the highest levels of League of Legends, and without the Blizzard they would never have succeeded. I hope at the end of this edition to have some new Italian excellence to tell, also because we really need them. The big engine of the competition passes from the spectators, who are naturally more involved if they have a character from their country to cheer and follow. “Tormenta’s first live appointment with the general public will be at Comicon in Naples, in April.