WorldTokyo 2020 ended 'without a major event', according to Organizing Committee

Tokyo 2020 ended ‘without a major event’, according to Organizing Committee

The Chairman of the Committee, Hashimoto Seiko, made evaluations about the Tokyo Games, which lasted 17 days and ended on August 8, at the press conference he held.

Hashimoto noted that thanks to the Covid-19 measures implemented, the tournament could be held “safely” without a “big incident”.

Describing the decision not to allow spectators to the competitions as “unfortunate”, Hashimoto said that they “deem it necessary” to gain the support of the Japanese people for the Olympics.

Hashimoto said, “The final appreciation will have to be given with the end of the Paralympic Games. At this point, we cannot say that it is ‘100 percent successful’ yet.”

Noting that the tournament ended “without a great event, even if it wasn’t perfect,” Hashimoto noted that the Olympics are “a source of hope” for the world, despite Covid-19.

Underlining the virus measures, Hashimoto said, “As we progress to the Paralympic Games, we will strive to create the best environment so that people do not catch the virus and infect others.” said.

Thanks to the Japanese people from Bach

At the closing ceremony, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, who took the podium with medalists from all continents, emphasized the “unifying power of sports” in his speech.

Bach said, “For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the whole world came together. Billions of people around the world had their eyes on it. Tokyo 2020 became the ‘games of peace’. Japanese people, you can be infinitely proud of what you have accomplished. On behalf of all the athletes, I say this, thank you Tokyo, thank you Japan. ” had used the words.

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