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Tokayev instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to develop a new strategy to combat COVID-19

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed the government to develop a new strategy to combat the spread of coronavirus, in which to radically revise existing measures, TASS reports.

“The paradigm of combating the pandemic is changing before our eyes. Many countries no longer aim to zero transmission of the virus. An urgent task is to minimize the appearance of large foci of infection and avoid overloading the healthcare system. We must develop a qualitatively new strategy with a radical revision of measures to counter the virus, ”Tokayev said at an expanded government meeting on Saturday.

He noted that new strains of coronavirus can infect even vaccinated people. “However, immunization minimizes the severity of the disease and the risk of death. This should be the starting point. The statistics on the infected should not be the only basis for taking response measures, the main emphasis should be on reducing severe cases and mortality, as well as on treating difficult patients, ”the president explained.

According to him, the endless waves of new strains indicate that the coronavirus has firmly entered our lives. “We have to adapt and learn to live in such conditions. First of all, this means the search for verified approaches and the right balance between restrictive measures and the life of the state, ”Tokayev said.

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