WorldTogo: three million students return to school

Togo: three million students return to school

AA / Lomé / Alphonse LOGO

The students resumed classes, this Monday, September 27 in Togo, for the school year 2021-2022, noted the correspondent of the Anadolu Agency in Lomé.

They are nearly 3 million from preschool, primary and secondary to find their classrooms after three months of vacation. This year, the start of the school year was preceded a week earlier by an educational start.

In a message disseminated through the local media and on Togolese national television, the Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education of Togo, Komlan Dodzi KOKOROKO, called on students to “excel”, and teachers to “demonstrate of professionalism ”in supporting learners.

Because, he says, Togo needs “a quality succession”.

The Togolese official also called on the country’s school administration, “to embody the exemplary public educational service and the parents of students, first responsible for their children, to strengthen their responsibility towards the children” they have entrusted the responsibility of schools.

For this new school year, the Togolese authorities have already announced at the beginning of this month, free registration and tuition fees in public colleges and high schools in Togo. This free admission was only granted in primary and preschool.

The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education, further announced “the recruitment of 2,250 teachers, the imminent entry into service of 300 inspectors and educational advisers and the start of preliminary construction work for 30,000 classrooms from here. 2025 ”.

Moreover, this is the second start to school since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Togo in March 2020. And the context has not changed at all. It got rather worse.

As of September 26, 2021, the country has recorded 25,218 confirmed cases of Covid-19, of which 2,671 cases are still under treatment and 226 deaths.

The government affirms that most of the measures which were taken last year will be renewed and reinforced as of this return.

This concerns the provision of hand washing devices and hand-made masks at a lower cost to schools for the benefit of learners, and the provision of “School Assur” insurance to cover the health of children. students.

The school year in Togo lasts 9 months organized into three terms of three months each.

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