IndiaToday's history: Bangladesh became a new country after breaking away from Pakistan,...

Today’s history: Bangladesh became a new country after breaking away from Pakistan, know other important events of 26 March

new Delhi: Bangladesh declared an independent country on 26 March 1971 and the liberation war was started. India sided with Bangladesh in the war for the emancipation of all sections of the people of East Bengal from the constant oppression of the rulers of the Pakistani army. Apart from this, the great poet Mahadevi Varma was born on March 26, 1907. In Hindi literature, along with Nirala, Prasad, Pant, Mahadevi Verma is considered a great pillar of the Chhayavad era. Mahadevi was also an important signature of the prose genre. He was also honored with Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, Jnanpith and Padma Vibhushan.

countries of the world 26 march date in history The serial details of other major incidents recorded are as follows:-

922 : Iranian Sufi saint and poet Mansour al-Hallaj passed away.

1907 : Birth of poet Mahadevi Varma.

1953 : Dr. Jonas Salk announces the discovery of a new vaccine to protect against polio.

1971: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh an independent country.

1972 : The then President VV Giri inaugurated the first International Sanskrit Conference.

1973 : Google co-founder and computer scientist Larry Page was born.

1973: Beginning of recruitment of women on the London Stock Exchange.

1975 : The Biological Weapons Treaty came into existence.

1979 : The Egypt-Israel Agreement was signed in America.

2020 :
The death toll from the corona virus has exceeded 21 thousand worldwide. Epidemic cases in Europe cross 250,000.