To save the dog, this person put his life on the line,...

To save the dog, this person put his life on the line, people said – man you are a hero

The dog was about to fall from the mountain, then the person showed amazing agility

The relationship between a dog and a human is very wonderful. Dogs live very carelessly in the human settlement. Both take care of each other. The dog is the most loyal. That’s why people love him so much. Dog videos are seen a lot on social media, sometimes dogs save us and sometimes we save them. One such video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After watching this video, you too will not be able to stop yourself from sharing it.

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In this video you can see that a person is standing on the side of the mountain. Only then can it be seen that a dog comes and starts rolling while playing on the ground. While doing this, he comes to the side of the mountain. In such a situation, the dog is noticed by this person, and without delay, he goes to the dog. In such a situation, without delay, the person saves the dog. If he did not reach on time, the dog could have died. Everyone’s breath stops after watching this video.

This video on social media is only 10 seconds. This video is very touching, after watching it everyone is calling the person a hero. A user commented and wrote that the dog did not care what to do. If he had not been a human, then today this dog would not have lived.


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