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TİSK Chairman of the Board Akkol: We have 23 proposals that we can implement with our state regarding unregistered employment.

Özgür Burak Akkol, Chairman of the Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TİSK), spoke at the opening of the Joint Sharing Forum organized by TİSK at the MESS Technology Center (MEXT) with the main theme of “The Future of Our Business”. Emphasizing that the forum, which was held for the second time last year, was deemed worthy of many awards at the international level with its originality, format and decisions taken, Akkol stated that this year the forum has an important content with its topics and participants.

Stating that the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has continued since last year’s forum, Akkol continued as follows:

“Last year, ‘We will produce without slowing down despite the epidemic.’ We said, ‘The workers’ side will do their best, employers will do their best, the public will provide support.’ “We said so. That’s how it is. When we look at the latest figures on a quarterly basis, the average growth rate in OECD grew by 13 percent and Turkey by 22 percent. 9 percent, an important difference. Our state made a great contribution here. In our most difficult time, our state helped both workers and workers with the short-time working practice.” “He stood by the employer. The minimum wage support was continued. We took measures according to whatever the problem was with our workers’ confederations. We called for vaccination, sometimes we called for measures to be taken. We solved the problems together with the workers, employers and the public.”

“Our state has a tax loss of 80 billion liras”

Pointing out that unregistered employment is an important problem for Turkey as well as the rest of the world, Akkol said:

“This is of course a big and complicated issue. It is an issue that requires the support of our Ministries of Treasury and Finance, Justice, Labor and Social Security. We have 23 action proposals that we can implement together with our state on unregistered employment. If these 23 actions are implemented, 4.5 million people will be registered. First of all, our state’s tax revenue increases. According to our calculation, our state has a tax loss of 80 billion liras with items such as SSI premium, unemployment premium, income tax. The issue we care about as much as tax loss is occupational health and safety. Significant tax burdens on corporate companies “There are responsibilities and responsibilities, but unregistered businesses don’t. We want more incentives to support corporate places like the White Flag application.”

“Our young population is more than the population of 140 countries”

Akkol stated that Covid-19 is also called the “virus of inequality” and that the economic negative effects of the epidemic affect women more. Akkol pointed out that women all over the world lost 800 billion dollars in income due to the epidemic.

Emphasizing that 4 out of every 5 young people in the world are working informally, Akkol said, “During the epidemic period, 1 out of every 6 young people lost their job. 2 out of 5 young people who continue to work have decreased income. Young people are our greatest potential. If we separate our young population, we make a country. , more than the population of 140 countries. Our key to the future of our work should be the youth.” said.

Expressing that, as always, they work with an action approach rather than a report, Akkol talked about the work they have implemented in the TİSK ecosystem for young people and women in his speech. In this context, Akkol gave information about TİSK Academy, young transformation, young women leaders, agile work, and quota applications for women that make a difference.

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