WorldTikTok banned again in Pakistan

TikTok banned again in Pakistan

Pakistan In the statement made by the Telecommunication Agency (PTA), Twitter announced that access to the TikTok application and the platform’s website was blocked.

In the statement, inappropriate content TikTokIt was noted that the ban decision was taken due to its existence in . and the platform’s failure to remove such content.

Thus, since October 9, 2020, TikTok has been banned 4 times in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Agency banned TikTok on October 9, 2020, on the grounds that “immoral” content could not be controlled.

On October 19, 2020, the agency announced that the ban on TikTok was lifted after TikTok promised to block accounts associated with the spread of obscene and inappropriate content.

Pakistan became the second Asian country to ban TikTok after India.

On March 11, the Peshawar High Court decided to ban TikTok on the grounds that it “spreads obscenity in society”.

The court ruled to lift the ban on TikTok on April 1.

On June 28, the hearing of the lawsuit filed by an aggrieved Pakistani against the social media application due to “immoral and obscene” content spread by TikTok was held at the Sindh High Court.

In the court’s decision, TikTok was suspended until the next hearing on July 8th.

On July 2, the court ended its “suspension” decision on the social media app on June 28 for indecent and obscene content.

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