WorldTİKA has implemented over 1,200 projects in Azerbaijan in 27 years

TİKA has implemented over 1,200 projects in Azerbaijan in 27 years

The Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TİKA) has implemented over 1,200 projects in Azerbaijan for 27 years.

To date, within the framework of the implemented projects, trainings have been conducted for 1,531 medical workers, 950 representatives of the tourism sector, 274 judges and prosecutors, 783 experts in the field of communications, 380 security forces, 480 representatives of the media, 185 representatives of NGOs and 991 specialists in the fine arts and handmade. In total, about 6,000 people in Azerbaijan have benefited from training and advanced training programs.

Teoman Tiryaki, the coordinator of TIKA projects in Azerbaijan, said that the main goal of the projects being implemented in Azerbaijan was to contribute to the development of the republic, to the process of its transformation from a country that was destroyed in the 90s as a result of the war into a regional leader and a center of gravity in the 2010s. …

Tiryaki noted that Turkey continued to support Azerbaijan during the 44-day second Karabakh war.

“TİKA will continue to implement projects in Azerbaijan, which will now be aimed not only at the development and strengthening of ties between our countries, but also at the revival and development of the territories liberated from the occupation, the return after almost 30 years of our brothers to their native Karabakh, to their ancestral lands at the most favorable conditions, ”he said.

Tiryaki stressed that TIKA will support the brotherly people of Azerbaijan with its projects in all necessary areas, including support for administrative and civil infrastructure, employment, restoration of historical monuments, education, health care, agriculture. The projects will be aimed at resuming life in the liberated areas, the agency said.

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