SportsCricketThreatens Virat Kohli and family; Former Pakistan captain Inzamam responds

Threatens Virat Kohli and family; Former Pakistan captain Inzamam responds


  • Inzamam says the threat against Kohli is painful
  • India complete defeat against New Zealand spinners
  • India out after losing two matches in a row

Dubai: India’s defeat in the T20 World Cup has left cricket fans deeply disappointed. After losing the first two matches of the Super 12, India were on the verge of elimination from the semi – finals. The need has arisen to replace players who have lost both matches.

Some are making shocking threats against Captain Virat Kohli and his family through social media. Cricket lunatics have not spared even Kohli’s nine-month-old baby. This is not the first time that fans who were outraged by India’s defeat have attacked the homes of the stars and reacted badly on social media.

Now, former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq has come out in response to the high-profile threat against captain Virat Kohli. Inzamam said he was aware of the threat against Kohli. It should be noted that this is just a sport. Kohli’s captaincy and batting can be criticized. But the threat to the family is unacceptable. The threat against Kohli is painful. Winning and losing are common. Inzamam clarified that it should be able to accept.

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Inzamam said India’s performance against New Zealand was “amazing”. The attitude of the Indian players towards a very important match was wrong. He had never seen India play under such pressure. India could not even match New Zealand’s average spinners. Inzamam said it was “surprising” that India could not even rotate a single strikeout.

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