WorldThreat of devastation looming on earth, atomic bombs can save lives: Scientists

Threat of devastation looming on earth, atomic bombs can save lives: Scientists


  • There is a danger of a giant asteroid colliding with the Earth from space
  • Millions of years ago dinosaurs were killed in the collision of similar asteroids.
  • For this reason, now the scientists of the world are engaged in finding a solution to this danger.

There is a danger of asteroid colliding with Earth from space. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs were killed in a collision with similar asteroids. For this reason, now scientists are engaged in finding a break from this danger. Scientists say that dropping an atomic bomb can be a good option to remove the asteroid from the path of the Earth. Scientists’ concern about asteroid collision is not baseless. Dinosaurs were eliminated from the earth due to the collision of one such asteroid near Mexico.

At the time of this collision that happened millions of years ago, dinosaurs were ruling the earth. Now there is no trace of them anywhere. For this reason, scientists are now considering many options, including the use of atomic bombs, to block the path of dangerous asteroids. New research has claimed that if the collision of an asteroid is not long, then a massive amount of energy will be needed to remove it from the path. This will turn the asteroid into small pieces.
NASA warns, if Asteroid collides with Earth, it will explode like a nuclear bomb, there will be terrible devastation
use of atomic bombs as the last option
This research has recently been published in the journal Acta Astronautica. In this paper, emphasis has been given on the use of nuclear energy for the elimination of asteroids when the warning time is short. However, doing so will not be easy. They say that the atomic bomb should be used as a last resort. He said that if there is time, then the option of changing the course of the asteroid should be worked out.

Let us tell you that the US space agency NASA keeps an eye on asteroids that are likely to hit the Earth and its researchers have found in a recent study that when the asteroid Bennu is most likely to hit the Earth. With the help of data from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft returning from Bennu, it has been found precisely how much it is likely to collide by the year 2300. With the help of this study, more accurate estimates have been made than before.

more accurate than earlier estimates
Before Osiris-Rex, it was believed that the probability of Bennu hitting Earth is one in 2,700 by the year 2200. It has now been found that by the year 2300 its probability is one in 1,750. The most accurate date has been found to be September 24, 2182. This in itself is more than before but still less. With the help of NASA’s Deep Space Network and computer models, scientists can accurately track its path by the year 2135.


Asteroid colliding with the earth


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