WorldThis young woman is earning crores of rupees just by talking!

This young woman is earning crores of rupees just by talking!

Own report: This woman earns a lot by selling shameful things so that people get embarrassed.

He is a TV star. But he has thought of this amazing ‘out of the box’ and put it into practice. He is now earning crores of rupees by selling his rhetoric online. He earns around Rs 36 lakh per week. One and a half crore in a month.

The woman’s name is Stephen Matta. He has gained immense popularity on social media.
His huge followers on Instagram. He also does regular shows there. Besides, his business is also flourishing. He filled a jar with gas or air in a unique way. People pay up to 7,000 rupees to buy this air-conditioned jar!

How is this possible on a regular basis?

Stephen kept it a secret, saying he ate a special kind of food for it. What is the special food that he eats? He kept it a secret, but later revealed that he had eaten beans, protein muffins, boiled eggs and protein shakes to keep his routine smooth.

He did not stop with this talk. He filled it in a bottle and put flower petals in it. Then sell it online. His first goal was to get people to respond to the issue.

But why did he suddenly start it?
In fact, people regularly demanded her hair and her used bra, panties etc. on social media. That’s when he thought, well, then it is possible to start a business like this? Busy! Started.

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