This woman who picks up garbage speaks fluent English, people were surprised...

This woman who picks up garbage speaks fluent English, people were surprised to hear – Watch Video

This garbage picker speaks fluent English

Often, by looking at the face of the person in front, we can guess that he is educated. But, without understanding a person, it cannot be known about him properly. Therefore, we should never follow any kind of misunderstanding by looking at the appearance and clothes of the person in front, nor should we form our own opinion about it. Something similar happened with people, when they came to know about a woman from Bangalore. This woman is dominated on social media these days, it is being told that she is a garbage collector. But, this woman speaks such a tremendous English, hearing that your senses will fly away.

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A video of the woman is becoming quite viral on social media, in which she is seen speaking absinthe in English. This video has been shared on Instagram from a page named itmeshachinaheggar. A woman is seen in the video, who says that she has worked in Japan for 7 years. According to the video, she was picking up garbage around Sadashivnagar. She further tells that after 7 years she came back to India. While speaking her words, the woman also sings a song, she named her as Cecilia Margaret Lawrence.

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People are surprised to hear the woman’s English and are commenting a lot on the video. Many people commented and wrote, that you have done a great job by recording the video of this woman. Sharing the video, Sachin Heggar wrote about the woman, that stories are always around you. All you have to do is stop and look around. Some beautiful and some painful, but what is life without a few flowers. Want to contact this wonderful enthusiastic lady. If any of you would like to meet him please contact us.

The woman who made her video told that when she met this elderly woman, she was picking up garbage, she was collecting plastic. Along with this, she told that she runs her expenses with the money she gets by selling plastic. Some people have also expressed their desire to help the woman.


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