This woman wants to become a chief at the age of 90,...

This woman wants to become a chief at the age of 90, says – I will take care of the panchayat like a grandmother

These thoughts of Urmila Devi are very good.

Panchayat elections are going to be held in Bihar. In such a situation, everyone is campaigning to confirm their claim. Meanwhile, a 90-year-old woman also wants to participate in the panchayat elections as a chief candidate. Ever since he announced it, it has become a topic of discussion on social media. Everyone is appreciating the courage of grandmother.

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According to the news of New Indian Express, Urmila Devi is the head of Hathini village panchayat of Rohtas district of Bihar. Presently his age is 90 years. Despite being so old, she goes to people’s homes and listens to their problems. She became the first chief in 85 years.

She told the New Indian Express that I want to serve the Panchayat as a grandmother, if there is any problem in the area, I want to solve it.

Urmila Devi has studied only till 7th standard, but has a good understanding of government schemes. People call her Mukhiya Bai in the entire Panchayat. If seen, this thinking of Urmila Devi is very good. She is an example of women empowerment.


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