This woman shattered apples with her biceps, the name has been recorded...

This woman shattered apples with her biceps, the name has been recorded in the Guinness Book

This video has been shared by Guinness Book itself.

New Delhi:

There are many such capable people in the world, whose skills are slightly different. Guinness World Records often keeps sharing different videos making people different records. This time in the video shared by Guinness Book, it is shown how a woman broke more than 10 apples in a minute with the help of her biceps. Along with doing this feat, the name of the woman was also registered in the Guinness Book.

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In a post shared by Guinness Book of World Records on social media, a woman is seen bursting an apple with her bicep. Sharing this video, the Guinness Book wrote that Lynsey Lindbergh – aka Mama Lou crushed more than 10 apples with her bicep in just a minute. Let us tell you that although this video is old, but once again this video is covered on social media.

Watch the video here-

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As soon as this video was shared on social media, people started registering their reaction rapidly. After watching the video, a user wrote that nothing can be said when a person really takes you by surprise. At the same time, another user wrote that if you have a healthy body then you can also do the same feat.

This video was shared on social media about 14 hours ago. So far this video has got more than 38,000 likes. Along with this, people are also sharing this video. Let us tell you that the Guinness Book often shares similar videos on its page, seeing which one is forced to press the finger under the teeth.