IndiaThis time also PM Modi's Diwali with soldiers, celebrating Diwali with soldiers...

This time also PM Modi’s Diwali with soldiers, celebrating Diwali with soldiers in Nowshera

This time also Prime Minister Narendra Modi is celebrating Diwali with soldiers. He has reached Nowshera in Jammu and Kashmir. PM pays homage to the martyred soldiers in Nowshera. He had reached Jammu in the morning itself. From there he left for Rajouri. Addressing the soldiers, the PM said that he celebrated Diwali with the soldiers every time because the soldiers of the country are his family. He appealed to the people to light a lamp dedicated to the bravery of the soldiers on Diwali.

The security cover of our jawans ‘Maa Bharti’: PM Modi
Prime Minister Modi said that not everyone gets the privilege of serving the country. He said that our jawans are the protective shield of ‘Maa Bharati’. It is because of the soldiers that the people of our country are able to sleep peacefully at night and celebrate the festivals. For the second time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Rajouri district to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers. Earlier in 2019 too, she celebrated Diwali with soldiers in an army division of Rajouri. This time he has reached Nowshera which is near the Line of Control.

Increasing participation of women in the military
In his address too, PM Modi took a jibe at the previous governments on the pretext of self-reliant India. The PM said that in his eyes, when weapons had to be bought for the soldiers of the country, then they always had to depend on other countries. But now the emphasis is on self-reliant India. Now state-of-the-art weapons are being made inside the country. The PM also expressed happiness over the increasing participation of women in the army. He told that now girls are being given full opportunity in NDA and other military schools also. Now his activism in the army has increased a lot. Because of this, the identity of the country’s army has become more powerful all over the world.

reminded of surgical strike
Recalling the surgical strike, PM Modi said that the role played by the brigade here in the surgical strike fills every citizen of the country with pride. He said that today we have to increase our military power along with the changing world, the changing nature of war. It also has to be molded with new vigor. We have to adapt our preparations according to the rapid changes taking place in the world.

You did not come to serve in the army, this is sadhana – PM
PM Modi said that joining the army is not a job for you. Salary will come on the first date, you have not come for this. It is a sadhana for you to join the army, just like sages and sages used to do sadhna, I am seeing the form of that seeker inside your heart. You are doing sadhna of Maa Bharati. He said that about 65% of the defense budget is being spent on procurement within the country. Today Arjun tanks are being built inside the country, aircraft like Tejas are also being made inside the country. On Vijayadashami, 7 ‘Defense Companies’ were dedicated to the nation.

Modi went to Siachen in 2014
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday met soldiers on the occasion of Diwali in Nowshera sector of Rajouri district, bordering Jammu and Kashmir. After becoming the Prime Minister, Modi visited Siachen in 2014. Since then, every year on Diwali, he goes to a border area and meets the soldiers. Official sources shared photographs of the Prime Minister present at the Army post in Nowshera.

Absolutely ordinary convoy of PM Modi
Official sources said that when Modi left his residence in the morning, there were minimal security arrangements and no change in traffic was made to avoid inconvenience to the people. Army Chief General MM Naravane on Wednesday conducted an aerial tour of forward areas, including Rajouri, during which he was apprised of the prevailing security situation along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Jammu region.

jawans engaged in operation against terrorists
The Army Chief visited Jammu for the second time in nearly two weeks, amid the ongoing operation against terrorists in the jungles of Poonch and Rajouri districts. This campaign is the longest in recent times which continues for the 26th day on Thursday. After becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has so far celebrated every Diwali with the soldiers. Siachen in 2014, Amritsar in 2015, Himachal on China border in 2016, Gurez in Jammu and Kashmir in 2017, Harshil in Uttarakhand in 2018, Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir in 2019, Longewal in Rajasthan in 2020 and this time Jammu and Kashmir. He is celebrating Diwali in Nowshera.