IndiaThis pollution also affects the brain! Tension of such patients increased...

This pollution also affects the brain! Tension of such patients increased in Delhi-NCR


  • PM value is so bad that it is affecting the eyes
  • Pollution can also increase corona figures, advice to wear masks
  • Problems of people with asthma increased, serious patients admitted to the hospital

New Delhi
Rising pollution in Delhi-NCR has increased the concern of the people, especially those who are already suffering from some disease. Doctors have also expressed concern about such patients and have also said that it can have more effect on children. AIIMS director Randeep Guleria has also warned people about pollution.

Dr. Dhiren Gupta of Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said on Saturday that the PM value is so bad that it is affecting the eyes, causing irritation. It is also affecting the brain, children become more irritable due to pollution. Children who are getting respiratory tract infection due to pollution, they are getting more respiratory problems.

Dhiren Gupta of the Department of Pediatrics said that in the last 10-15 days, we have seen increasing problems of people with asthma and allergies. They require more inhalation therapy. The number of respiratory patients is increasing, some serious patients are also admitted to the hospital.

Pollution can also increase the figures of corona. Arunesh Kumar (Department of Pulmonology, Paras Hospital, Gurugram) said that we are monitoring the patients who are complaining of difficulty in breathing. Children and the elderly especially need to be taken care of. Pollution has increased the problems of such people.

Corona’s tension will increase with increasing pollution, AIIMS chief Guleria warns people
AIIMS Chief Dr. Randeep Guleria has already warned that according to some data, the corona virus remains in pollution for a long time. In areas where there is more pollution, the situation of corona can be serious. AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria also said that Delhi air pollution has a huge impact on people suffering from respiratory diseases especially lung diseases, asthma.

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